What’s the end goal?

I was discussing my running with a friend this morning and she asked “what’s your end goal?”.

I must have looked lost because she continued “Is it to do a marathon? Or half? I just couldn’t fathom it myself” ..

After some thought I replied that when I was running regularly for triathlons, I was able to run 16k’s so I guess I’d like to be able to get back to that point.

To be fair, I hadn’t really thought about a specific end goal, I basically just wanted to be able to run without dying and since I’m not at that stage (yet), I hadn’t thought any further ahead. 😉

Sure, a half marathon sounds like a feasible goal but it’s not one I’m focused on at this point in time even though my little brother and I have decided to run the half marathon during the Sydney Running Festival in September, or perhaps a more accurate description is that I decided and Bryce kind of went along with it. Either way, as I could (technically) grow a baby before race day that event isn’t in the forefront of my mind. I figure I have HEAPS of time, if I’m still as shit at running by then I really need to consider taking up another activity.

Ambitious goals are fine, but if you put too much focus on a perceived end point you tend to create an intimidating gulf between where you are now and where you “need” to be. If I focused solely on “having” to run 21.1 kilometres when I’ve only just become comfortable running 3.0 kilometres it could be an extremely overwhelming prospect. Instead my only focus is on being consistent with my training and hopefully slightly better than the previous week. It may not necessarily involve running further or faster, it could be as simple as breathing easier or being excited about an upcoming run day – that’s actually a big step forward for someone who not so long ago would do anything she could think of to get out of it!

Getting new shorts may or may not have something to do with this new found excitement, whatever works I say!

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