Three on Tuesday

Please, feel free to keep the questions coming in .. some make me think and some make me giggle.

So lets get it started in here (Yep I stole that from the Black Eyed Peas) 😉

If I take the question as being aimed at a  “figure girl” I would say .. chest.  It’s always been one of my better body parts (and its also my favorite of the compulsory poses)  .


Chest pose .. and a smile 🙂

This one is a toughie, because honestly it changes from week to week.   Sometimes it changes from day to day.  But I do enjoy training shoulders.  They are relatively quick, most of the time you get to face the mirror (yep im vain) and I can see the lines of my delts when I’m training them, which I think is pretty damn cool lol.


Training Delts .. Delicious!

When I first read the question,  I thought to myself .. thats a no brainer, legs!  But then I really thought about it and it’s not legs, I mean I train them twice a week so I cant hate them that much 😉

It would actually be biceps.  I’ve got a wrecked elbow from years of squash, so it tends to hurt when I train biceps .. and biceps are so boring.  I mean it  only moves in one plane .. up and down.  Grab weight, bend arm, straighten arm .. thats it.  So I’m going to say biceps are my least fav.  (Sureya would attest to that, since I tend to try and get out of training them) 🙂


Boring Biceps 😉


So a quick recap of yesterday ..

Ludus 300’s (torture).  Work.  Gym for Arms.  Dinner,  Kidlet time (which was super lovely, because both kids were in a really cuddly mood), then a road walk for my last cardio session.  Fun fun fun.

Oh and BIG news .. I have gone one entire day without coke zero!  I was amazed at the number of times I automatically reached to grab a can without thinking .. then I would stop myself.   I do have to admit being a little grumpy withdrawal symptoms?   Lets see if its easier tonight.

Till next time

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  1. Becks says:

    Well done on the no coke zero!!!!

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