(Still) ageing gracefully

Throwing it back three years and I still stand by every word .. (although I’ll admit my six pack isn’t what is once was) 😉


Ageing Gracefully

At the end of last week I had a check in with Mr P.T ..
While talking to Mr P.T about where I fit in the scale of “normal” after having my body fat and measurements taken we started discussing the generational differences he see’s between his women clients.Apparently the women he sees with the fittest, leanest and tightest bodies (with (and I quote) full on six packs) tend to be the slightly older Mums with a couple of kids. Mr P.T was stumped as to why his clients in the younger generation just couldn’t quite pull it all together.

I think I know why the generations are “different” but again I have an advantage in that

  1. I am a woman
  2. I was young once
  3. Now I’m “slightly”older with a couple of kids (and a six pack) 😉

So the reason?

Younger women have a social life – end of story ..

I on the other hand have been sleep deprived for the last 5.5 years so by 7.30 I’m ready to hit the sack, not the town! My “social life” is the gym, its where I get time out for myself and on occasion I even get to have some uninterrupted one on one time with my significant other. They even serve great food and fantastic coffee!

It’s a little sad … but never the less .. true.

As CS Lewis said

“You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream”

And that is true, it just entails warming up for longer and doing much more mobility and rehab work than when you were younger

Till next time




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