I made it

It’s Friday!  Another week down and one week closer to show time!

This week has been a good one, filled with weights, kettle bells, burpees, walks and various other excruciatingly sore exercises 😉


Another week down, bring on the next four!

I’ve done Ludus every morning this week.   There were a couple of “easier” days in there, with team games (of which my team won loads) 😉 so five days in a row wasn’t quite as hard as it sounds.

Oh but I will digress for a moment and do a wee brag.  This morning we were doing isometric holds.  One was that you had to pull yourself up to the bar, lower half way back down and hold it there for a minute.  I managed 50 seconds!  There were a few swear words coming out of my mouth in that time though.

No Ludus this weekend.  Its going to be even more busy than a normal weekend in the Nash household!  I’ve got Miss Jo tomorrow morning, then we are heading out to Butterfly Creek to meet up with a friend who is visiting from Wellington and on Sunday we are taking the kids to see the Orchestra (they have a concert designed especially for wee ones).

I’ll be shattered by Monday .. just in time to head back to work.

Well its short and sweet today (a little like me) .. tomorrow I will post details of where my contest is being held and where I will be holding my post contest burger eating comp 😉

Till next time.


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