Whose feet are those?!?!

I recall one Saturday morning when I was out running with James, he said something along the lines of “you only have one speed” ..

He didn’t mean it in a derogatory way, he was merely stating a fact and to some degree he’s correct – generally I run flats, downhills and (runnable) uphills at the same speed. In fact, if the grade is steep enough I can ascend a hill much faster than I’ll be able to get back down it, but that’s more to do with my fear of falling to my death. đŸ˜‰

BUT ..

I do actually have at least two speeds (that I can think of).

My usual – This is my automatic pilot – a gentle plod that I can comfortably maintain. At this speed I can scan the trail up ahead (so I don’t fall and crack open my head), admire the beauty of my surroundings and work up a sweat. I guess if you come from a road running background it would be the speed I would have done a weekend long slow run at.

And then there is the “Holy F**K is that a pair of decapitated feet in this tunnel?!?!!” warp speed ..

I think I’ll take a field of cows

This shows two things about me;

1. I spend way too much time watching re-runs of Bones and,

2. I can run pretty fuc**ng fast (even whilst hunched over because the tunnel isn’t tall enough) when I’m positive that I’m running through a tunnel filled with dismembered body parts.

Perhaps it had something to do with the house that I drove past that skewers doll parts on their fence – “for fun”

Photo stolen from Fairfax because there is no way in hell I’m stopping to take my own. (Click  photo to read full article).

For those of you wondering, I did seriously weigh up my options before heading through the tunnel.

I could have turned left and continued along Swanson Pipeline Track to Tram Valley Road. From there I could have run along the roads to get back to my car. There were three distinct disadvantages to that plan – not only would it add 5.5km to my route all of that distance would be road running (albiet country gravel roads) and I’d have to run past the house that likes to skewer dolls for fun.

Obviously I chose the empty tunnel.

Or is it … ?

Till next time





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