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Saturday was the day that James and I had been looking forward to for quite awhile, it was day one of our “kidlet free we can do what we want” weekend 😉

For me it started out as all weekends do …. with a session at Ludus.

Our rep range went from 5 to 60! 60! And the 60’s were star pushups (which I actually rock at), squat jumps with a sandbag (ick) AND burpees (what do you expect) 😉

After Ludus we hung out with the kidlets and in the late afternoon we said our goodbyes and headed over on the Ferry to Waiheke Island. (I tried not to be sad that Issy literally pushed us out the door so she could hang out with her Nanna and Poppa).

The weather wasn’t fab but it wasn’t raining and when we arrived on Waiheke it was actually a lot warmer than it was back on the “mainland”.  Kim our host picked us up at the Ferry and drove us to the property.   Stopping on route to show us places of interest such as Wild on Waiheke which apparently has AMAZING pizzas.  I’m sure James will let you know what he thinks when we go tomorrow.

The Loft is just as perfect as it looks in the photos online.  The views are amazing from every window.  One side of the house overlooks the olive groves and Stony Ridge vineyard and the other side overlooks Onetangi beach.

We got ourselves organised which for me meant unpacking all of my “essentials” and for James it meant tucking into the fresh homemade bread that Kim had left for us (and it was still warm) .. I did nearly burst into tears when I saw it, but I managed to refrain myself…. (just). 😉

To show you just how unfair life can be;

My supplies

vs James and the freshly baked warm bread smothered in homemade jam


but there are things for me to be thankful for and this is one of them …

I still had a cardio session to do, so we got changed and headed out on the walk that Kim had suggested which included the length of Onetangi Beach. It was a good way to orientate ourselves and burn some calories.

When we got back to the loft we had dinner. James enjoyed a pizza we picked on the way back and I had an egg white omlette with portabello mushrooms.

Then the best part of the night ….

My poor muscles have earned a good soak in a warm bath!

Till next time

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