A day to remember? I hope so!

We woke up on the first day of our holiday to a glorious morning.

First of all I noticed that I wasn’t woken by a little person hitting me on the head (or screaming), the next thing I noticed was the sunshine poking its head through the curtains and finally I noticed the silence.

Today was going to be a good day and to top it off, today was the day that the All Blacks were going to win the World Cup .. its been a long 24 years!  Some of our current All Blacks weren’t even alive last time New Zealand held the Web Ellis Trophy, how amazing is that!

And if you are wondering, yes I was alive … bahahaha.

We started with breakfast – breakfast I didn’t have to share with anyone. Breakfast I didn’t have to describe in detail to an inquisitive toddler whose questions range from A) what is it B) is it nice and then finally C) can Isabelle have some?

After breakfast it was time to burn some calories. James and I headed down to the beach, the tide was out so I ran, bear crawled, did high knees, gasped for air, did lizard crawling and obviously no beach workout is complete without burpees … you can take the girl out of Ludus, but you can’t take Ludus out of the girl.

Then it was back to the loft to freshen up, get changed and grab some morning tea before setting off on a trek across the olive groves and vineyards to get to Wild on Waiheke for a spot of archery and lunch.

Technically James won .. however the last *bonus* round we decided to make double or nothing, winner takes all .. well you know I always save my best for last 😉

Oh and James can’t confirm how good the pizzas are because he opted for a burger (which was huuuuuge) I settled for the pumpkin and spinich pattie from the vege burger and salad.  The waitress looked at me like I was a nut when I asked for no bun on the burger and I just wanted the pattie.

On our way back to the loft I was lamenting that I probably could have had the entire burger, I didn’t realise we had walked so far! Our house is that little dot at the top of that hill. Oh well .. next time 😉

We were both knackered and we had a big game to watch so we did what all child free couples do .. we napped!  I know!  A nap, in the middle of the day.

Recharged we headed out for a walk before dinner to burn the rest of those pesky calories I have to burn in a day at least on Waiheke we have a lovely beach to exercise on.   Life could be worse.

Then it was on to the big event of the weekend.  James lit the fire (it wasn’t cold, but it was “romantic”).  I made a platter of nibbles and cracked open the sparkling water and diet coke (for me) and the bubbles for James and we settled in to watch the match.

It wasn’t the game I was expecting to see, but I was so proud of our boys, they defended with their line with their bodies, souls and most importantly their huge hearts!

And the sight of Ritchie lifting the trophy was enough to bring a tear to the eye of many proud kiwis …

Tomorrow we head home to the kidlets, apparently they haven’t missed us at all and even though this weekend has been blissful I’ve missed them and I’m ready to go home and be Mumma.

Till next time

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  1. Donloree says:

    I am so glad you had fun and a beach to be Ludus-errific on!! 🙂

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