Te Muri Beach Campground – Mahurangi Regional Park

a.k.a Heaven on Earth.

Honestly, if you only ever visit one of the campgrounds I’ve written about – make it this one ..

Yes it’s true , you’ll have to walk the 1.3km from the car parking area carrying everything you’ll require for your stay AND it’s a bit of a mission to get too being that you have to cross an estuary (at low tide)  AND the only facilities are some long drop toilets (albeit amazingly clean and smell free during our stay), water taps (tonnes) and rubbish bins (which is more than some places) but it’s more than worth the effort.

The sand is incredible (which Isabelle thought was a weird thing for me to mention – after all Mum, sand is well sand) – oh youngin, yea of so few years experience, all sand is definitely not created equally AND what would she know anyway?  Isabelle has this “thing” about sand, so she’d have no idea what sand feels like underfoot anyway lolol.

But back to that incredibly sand – it goes all the way out, which makes swimming lovely as their isn’t anything underfoot other than sand – there are no large shell beds, no rocks, etc etc.   The campground itself is vast and relatively flat with well established planting for shelter and a tonne of water taps, this is actually the biggest campground in the Mahurangi Regional Park and by far my favorite.    I thought Mita Bay was incredible (if you didn’t need to go to the toilet) but this place.. OMG!  I mentioned heaven right?

The night we stayed it was just us, a young (gay) couple and an older couple, who we watched most of the afternoon (from our chill out point under a tree) make at least 10 trips down to the campground with a fully laden beach cart – later on in the afternoon as Isabelle and I went for a walk along the beach we saw why – they had set up a tent that was nearly as big as our house complete with an outdoor kitchen – they were obviously in it for the long haul  OR as Isabelle pointed out, they were probably just too old to get down to the ground anymore. 


From the mouths of babes ..

Till next time





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