Yoga with Tim (in real life)

I’ve been doing Yoga “with Tim” on and off for years now so when the chance came to actually do Yoga with Tim in the same room (outside of my phone screen), I jumped at the chance, especially as I wouldn’t involve flying to some far flung (albiet probably, exotic) destination such as Costa Rica which is usually where yoga peeps like to hold their retreats, I only had to drive 90 minutes to the North to the newly constructed Te Arai Lodge.


The day long workshop was limited to 12 guests and offered two yoga classes with Tim (obviously),  along with lunch, afternoon tea and the use of the lodge’s facilities which included a salt water pool, cedar spa and infrared sauna. 


I arrived early and sat by the pool in the sun (because – ummm – why wouldn’t you) and chatted with the other participants as they arrived, many of whom who had only ever done yoga with Tim in the comfort of their own homes – which I found to be both amazing and crazy – some people have only ever done yoga alone, taking directions from a screen?!?!

*mind blown*

Now to be fair, Tim does have an amazing way of describing alignment, so it would definitely be possible to do yoga without ever stepping inside a studio, however in my experience having someone in the room who can put their hands on you to make any necessary adjustments is totally beneficial to your yoga practice and although I’m no yoga pro, the way that Tim corrected our alignment in real life was mind blowing – I definitely came away with an increased knowledge, so if you ever get the chance to practice with him (even if it involves jetting off to a far flung land) …

*DO IT!*

And on the subject of “do it”, if you ever get the chance to spend some time at Te Arai Lodge (especially if it involves eating) totally do that too!  It would be quite a luxurious treat to hang out in the lodge pool all day only getting out to eat .. because, OMG the food ..


Here are three things I came away with from my day with Tim

  1. He’s bigger in real life – I’m guessing he hears that a lot!
  2. My plank needs work  – what I took to be “stripper butt” (it’s a crossfit thing) is actually a neutral spine 
  3. My chaturanga is good – it’s the small things 😉

Till next time
I suggest you roll out your mat and do some Yoga with Tim





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