CrossfitHPU Playoff 5 – Recap WOD3 (The Worm)

WOD 3 “The Worm”

2 rounds (10 minute time cap)
20 squats with worm
20 burpee worm hops

Team HPU Platinum – Heat Seven @ 12:25pm

After the completion of WOD 2 (Heavy Barbell) HPU Platinum didn’t venture too far from the arena.  A few of us grabbed an early lunch (thanks to Hux’s paleo bbq HPU Regional team fundraising efforts) since our heat was scheduled to kick off at lunchtime and this would be the only time we would have to eat.   We followed up the food with some mobility and Marlon who cramped up so bad after WOD2 made his way (with the help of Arcus, who even offered to carry him) to the athletes village for a massage.

As the early heats finished up there was much “animated” talk (aka complaining) among the athletes about how the speed of the worm squats was dictated by what judge you had been allocated.    Some judges wanted to see the athletes hold at the bottom of the squat until they were given the ok to get up and other judges were happy to let the athletes go down into a squat and immediately rise again.

HPU Platinum was quite chilled about WOD3, we had been told that our bay had a judge that wanted you to hold at the bottom and we couldn’t do anything but complete the WOD as our judge dictated so we all knew that we would go into the bottom of the squat and we would sit there until the judge gave the ok, no use complaining about it, that’s just how the worm rolls.

Entering the arena wasn’t as daunting this time around, it probably had a bit to do with the fact this was our second time into the arena mixed with the fact I didn’t find this WOD as scary as “the heavy barbell” or the upcoming WOD4.

The rules allowed you to take a coach onto the floor to liase with the judge (as the judge would call when you could rise from the bottom of the squat) but we decided to keep it simple and complete the WOD as we had at practice and our judge would liase with Ollie, who was our caller on the squats and as I was the slowest on the team I would set the tempo and call our burpee worm hops.

Barring some kind of major disaster HPU Platinum knew we would finish this WOD within the time cap of 10 minutes as in a practice run we had stopped in the middle of the two sets and talked to the judges and officials (who were also practicing for the play offs) for two minutes and still managed to finish (just) under the time cap.

On the 3-2-1 go, we got started and I soon realised that the pace that the judge was allowing us to move in was actually quite comfortable for me and better yet we only got 1 no rep.  I had heard of 1 team who had received 15 no reps in this WOD – yep 15?!?!  Although you kind of think they should have gotten their shit together around about the 3-5 no rep range. 😉

On the burpees as I was the slowest everyone else on the team watched for my call to go down and looked to our judge for the ok to get up for the jump over.  After watching a couple of heats following ours I did see that we would have been quicker on the worm squats if we didn’t stop at the top each rep (just continued into another squat and stopped at the bottom), but you live and learn – right?

We finished in 7:52 earning us a 5th place finish in our heat and 35th place overall.

Our best finish yet!

Which was awesome, but what was even more awesome was looking up after that last burpee worm hop to spy J with a wildly waving Elias sitting on his lap. They hadn’t been able to be at the venue that morning as Issy was participating in the kids event (which was scheduled to run in between WOD3 and WOD4) and we didn’t want the kids to sit around all day (and J couldn’t come in without them as he needed to bring Issy in for her event).

Pity I didn’t spy them before our heat – I may have been able to find an extra gear ….

Till next time





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