CrossfitHPU Playoff 5 – Recap WOD3 1/2 (The kids)

After my team completed WOD3 and I spied my boys in the crowd I went looking for Issy to give her a “pep talk” before her event. I wasn’t sure she realised just how many people would be in the arena watching.

I searched to no avail till someone pointed her out to me when I asked where all the kids were. There she was standing alone looking a little forlorn. I went over and said;

“Hi baby! Are you excited?” and thankfully her face lit up and she replied “Yep!”

The kids were put into teams of three and as they were introduced onto the main floor the crowd erupted! It was deafening but all the kids took it in stride, waving and smiling at their friends, family and strangers alike.

Each team of three had a coach to shepherd them in the correct direction,  encourage them and show them modified versions of the exercises (if required) and a “judge” who counted the reps and in Simons case caught the tiny child in his bay that would jump onto the box that was at about his chest height but would often lose balance and fall backwards – young boys are fearless!

Kids WOD1
40 seconds per station (two rounds) – Burpees, Box Jumps and Rope Climbs

Kids WOD2
40 seconds per station (two rounds) – Thrusters, Sit ups and Star Jumps

I was so proud my heart nearly burst and also thankful that Issy’s group had Kat. Issy loves Kat so I was glad she had a “safety net” in such a loud and crazy environment. I’ve got 36 years on her and I found it intimidating the first time I walked onto the floor but she took it all in stride, so much so that afterwards she proclaimed that it was the BEST day ever and asked if she could stay and watch the grown ups. Who am I to cut the BEST day ever short. 😉

The kids event was a great idea, it gave the kids something to focus on during their school holiday program, it let them have a wee taste of competition and it thrilled the crowd – it’s amazing to watch people a quarter of my size climb the rope as high as I climb but do it twice as fast.

The next playoffs could be a family affair for the Nash clan with all four of us involved – how cool would that be!

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