Would I Win?

As I was running around the Bethells Lake this afternoon I got to thinking ..

I wonder if I could beat James around the lake? …

Now obviously I don’t mean if we both ran, because he could probably give me a 1km headstart AND run blindfolded and he’d still be the favorite to take out the race BUT what if I paddled around the lake while he ran it.

Now that would be interesting ..

I’d say that he’d still be the favorite but I’d have a fighting chance if the trail stayed the quagmire that it’s been throughout most of this Winter. Although in saying that, James is much lighter on his feet than I so he doesn’t seem to sik as far into the mud as I do even though he’s heavier.

It’s strange the random shite you think about when your running although it’s better than constantly thinking “Have we nearly finished” or “I’m dying” or even “This is so shit” lololol

If I ever get round to conning him into carrying my board that far taking him on, I’ll let you know.

Till next time





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