Going solo

I just read yet another article that stated that to keep safe in the outdoors (adventuring), you ALWAYS had to go with a friend and although this particular article was talking about paddle boarding, I’ve seen the same advice bandied about for most outdoor activities.


Do you think our forefathers sat alone in their caves, (starving) because their mate Arg couldn’t go out that particular day?


And what if all your friends can’t be arsed, work 24/7 or they don’t want to do the same things you? Or perhaps you just prefer your own company.

Does that mean that you shouldn’t enjoy getting outside and doing shit?

Hell No!

And then what happens if heaven forbid you find yourself in the midst in a actual emergency – say a flood, or hurricane (they’re going around you know), what happens to us all if we’ve conditioned an entire generation to be dependent on the people around them?

And perhaps most importantly are you even safer being with another person than if you were alone?

At best, (in my opinion) you may be IF you actually get into trouble BUT in saying that, my experience is that you are less likely to get into trouble in the first place if you are solo because you tend to stay within your comfort zone.

Think about it – How many times have you tried to run faster or perhaps further than you would have if you were alone to keep up with a group? Or how many dodgy cliff ledges have you traversed, because everyone else did? Or perhaps (considering the article in question referred to paddle boarding), how many of you have gone out in weather/wind or swells that you weren’t entirely comfortable just because no one else seemed concerned?

I for one find that I concentrate more on my surroundings when I’m alone and I’ll generally weigh things up before tackling anything I’m not entirely comfortable with and when I decide to give it a go and then later decide that perhaps this wasn’t the best decision, I’m more than happy to cut my losses and run whereas I’d be a tad more inclined to push forward in a group situation (although only a tad, I’m not one to keep quiet about things I’m unhappy with – just ask the people I train with on Monday and Wednesday nights). 😉

So next time you are put off doing something “cool” because you can’t find anyone to go with you – do it anyway – safely of course ..

  1. Make a plan
  2. Tell someone that plan
  3. Keep an eye on the weather
  4. Know your limits (and stick to them)
  5. Carry sufficient supplies (although in my opinion, it’s better to carry too much and not need it, than be caught short).

If getting outdoors makes your heart happy , do it, even if it means you have to doing it alone.

Till next time





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