I heart Wellington – If I didn’t live in Auckland (and have family ties and a job I really like) I’d totes live in there.

Although I guess, if I actually lived in Wellington,  I wouldn’t do half of the things Isabelle and I did when we went on a flying (literal) visit to Wellington for the weekend because we had managed to grab some uber cheap flights on grab a seat so we grabbed them,  as you do. 

The only thing we really had on our agenda (other than visiting Te Papa – because that’s what you do in Wellington) was a visit Fergs Kayacks on the waterfront to – wait for it – go indoor climbing.

Random right?

As Fergs was closer to our hotel than Te Papa we planned to go there first.  We’d then go to have some lunch (at Nandos, because that’s the only thing we always do when we go away on our exploring weekends) then go off to Te Papa afterwards and check out the Gallipoli exhibition. 

Well – we actually ended up spending hours at Fergs!   Isabelle climbed (because she came equipped with a belayer – aka me) and in between her climbing stints, she would show me up in the bouldering area (which is new and fancy shmancy!).

I’m not a fan of bouldering, because, in short there is no rope to stop me falling to my death – I mean granted, you’d be hard pressed to actually die from falling from a boulder wall  and a rope wouldn’t actually super useful if you fell from that height – but still … unfounded fears, are unfounded fears.

In short – Isabelle said it’s the second best climbing gym in New Zealand – not that she is biased at all …. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wellington certainly didn’t disappoint and it’s a great place to visit with a kidlet in tow as there is so much to do that’s free (Te Papa, The Wellington Museum, The Cable Car Museum, City Gallery,  Botanic Gardens) or super cheap (Riding the Cable Car, Space Planet).   

Here are our faves;

Our favorite things to do in Wellington

IsabelleMum (Julia)
Climbing GymCable Car
Gallipoli @ Te PapaGallipoli
Cable CarThe interactive sundial in the Botanic Gardens

I would have listed the climbing wall at Fergs in my top three if I’d had James in tow to belay me because it did look pretty cool – It’s a great excuse to go back in my opinion.

Till next time



Photos from our Wellington trip


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