So close, yet so far away

5 more weeks

It’s that strange “twilight” time in competition prep, when it seems super close but yet still so far away.

I stare in the mirror and think .. it’s ok Julia, you still have plenty of time (to get abs, defined etc etc) but then I know all too well that time passes by so quickly!  Blink your eyes and another week has whizzed by!

It’s a pity that I do seem to “wish time away” .. counting down towards a goal does tend to make you miss all those little daily things that you should rejoice in.

For example take the kids .. quite often James and I discuss how we can’t wait till Elias is older and can communicate his needs and sleep through .. James also dreams of the time when they are both older and he can take them to the beach to learn how to surf (something he has been dreaming of ever since they were just tadpole sized and growing inside my tummy).

It’s at times like those that I literally have to stop myself and remember that they are only this age for such a short space of time … that as they age, that the demands for cuddles with Mummy will diminish even to the point where they won’t want to be seen with me and I should slow down and “smell the roses” more .. spend more time on the floor playing blocks with the kids and taking them out with me on my cardio sessions .. after all the pram laden with kids is nearly heavier than me .. that’s a weight workout alone!

I do hope though, that James and I are setting both of our kids a good example with our lifestyle choices .. although last week I did wonder whether my worries are rubbing off on Isabelle ..

She was trying to get something from behind the couch (and the couch had been pushed up closer to the wall than normal).  Try with all her mite, she couldn’t fit .. and I heard her proclaim “Oh no .. I’m to fat .. I don’t fit” and although I did have to stifle a giggle .. I quickly sat down and explained to her that she wasn’t anywhere near being fat.

She looked up at me and with a smile she patted her tummy and said “Ahhh Isabelle isn’t fat Mumma” she then thought for a moment, grinned and said “But Dadda is” 😉

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2 Responses

  1. Tracy H says:

    I so enjoy reading your blog! I also am looking forward to (scared shitless!) being trained by Jo But yes we must be carefull of what we say around our daughters, As a mum of (soon to be ) 3 daughters I got a wakeup call when my then 5 year old told me she had fat legs! Needless to say fat left my vocabulary and healthy and fit slipped in!

  2. Tracy H says:

    P.S your looking great, keep it up!

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