My bad

Yes yes .. I know!  I missed THE most important day of the week.  I can only offer my humble apologies. 🙂

But yesterday was crazy busy and then once I get home, well I’m lucky if I get a chance to sit down let alone type so we shall have to pretend that today is Wednesday and after all I’m sure it is somewhere in the world if I post this quick enough.

Firstly news in Julia land ..

Operation wedding is drawing to a close since Emma gets married in two more sleeps!  If I’m totally honest (and I like to tell you the ups and the downs) I didn’t do anywhere near as well as I could have.  Sure I exercises regularly (yay) but I ate to compensate for it (boo) so I’m pretty much exactly where I started if not a kilo up!  (ho hum).  I will look ok(ish) but I am kicking myself for not getting my act together and just being complacent because “I look ok”.

Thankfully James looks HOT HOT HOT in a suit, so hopefully being escorted by Mr Hot will mean some of his hotness rubs off on me. 😉

So next on the agenda?

I can’t say too much at this stage but I’ve got something BIG lined up in just over seven weeks so I’ve kicked my own arse and have a plan of attack and a support network in place.

Basically the plan is for me to lose 8.8 kgs in the next 7.5 weeks (or at least as close as humanly possible to it in the time frame I have).

I have a new food plan (and yes it contains carbs) and I’ve finally found the will to go and throw some iron around at the gym.  I’m still getting used to training more than one body part at a session (so that I don’t have to weight train everyday) but I can’t say that I enjoy it.  You finish one body part and then you realise you still have one/two more to go, its rather depressing. 😉  But I am enjoying having more time with the kidlets because I’m only training in the mornings so I get to go home straight after work.  Loving that part!

So priorities have been established.  I’m focused, excited and feeling really good about the world and life in general .. not so pleased with my lumpy hips but that’s another matter all together!

Now .. lets move on to our “make believe Wednesday”

In honor of the 2011 Rugby World Cup its only fitting that I select some of rugbys finest over the next few weeks.

My friend Kelda spotted this wolf during one of our discuss the finer aspects of the game of rugby via our FB stutus update “conversations”

Francois Hougaard – South African Rugby Player. Super cute, but just a baby! So young in fact Kelda and I both felt “dirty” just looking at him .. but that doesn’t change the fact the boy is fine!

The one thing that did catch my eye (because you can’t see those abs when they are out on the field unless they have a jersey “incident”) is he has a tattoo on the inside of his arm. Do you know how much it hurts to get one on the INSIDE of your arm. It’s like he’s saying .. pfft anyone can get a tattoo on their shoulder .. I’m a real man.

Or I guess its just easier to conceal when you want to look “respectable” .. who knows lol.

Till next time

Think of the hard work Kelda and I are putting into researching the RWC for you!

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