One Lizard Short

Welcome to Monday people!

I hate Mondays, not because the weekend is over (although that is a good reason not to love Mondays) but because I always find the Monday morning workout hard after indulging in “life” over the weekend.   I nearly talked myself out of going but I sucked it up and endured.

This mornings workout I did at Ludus.  I tried to do everything properly (although my low lunges were a right off).  I knew time was running out but I forced myself to slow down and get my technique right (except as mentioned earlier my low lunges sucked) 😉

Incidentally Joe was walking around the arena with a bat in his hand this morning (albeit a foam covered one) if only he had actually wielded the bat like a cave person I may have finished.  I didn’t do too badly though I was only an Arena length lizard crawl from completing the entire workout.  I’ll take that as a reasonable start to the week.

The weekend was crazy busy!

First off there was of course the event of the “century” the Opening of the Rugby World Cup on Friday night.  Auckland went off!  There were reports of trains being overcrowded and people setting off fire extinguishers and then the entire train system grinding to a halt, but we were lucky and arrived at the park without incident and I was able to watch my very first rugby game.

Oh and I would like to say right off the bat that rugby boys are HOTTT (Yep even so hot that they get an extra two t’s).  The biggest cheer from the crowd during the game was when one of the All Blacks had a jersey “malfunction” and had to get changed on the field.  If I was guaranteed a glimpse of that every game it would be worth sitting in the freezing cold watching rolling mauls and copious numbers of scrums.

Saturday I had a haircut booked in and I have to drive past Ludus to get there so that was a good enough excuse for me to do an extra session this week.

The sun was streaming down so that meant we did our workout outside on the Ludus Hill.  During the workout I was thinking to myself “You should have just driven straight to the hairdressers” especially when we did the team hill sprints. Running is bad enough, sprinting is worse and sprinting up a hill in a team is my idea of hell on earth .. at least I had two strapping lads in the form of Francis and Ren in my team, they virtually pulled me up the hill on the last couple of rounds.

Thankfully God dictates that Sunday is a day of rest.  I may not abide by every rule he sets out but I do try.  If you have read my blog you will know that I definitely have a hard time over “thy shall not covet” but I’m a work in progress.

Till next time

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  1. Donloree says:

    So what you’re saying is that I should start watching rugby?

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