You have to lose yourself

Part of “Team make Julia an ironman” is Annette – she is my tri coach (apparently when you are a triathlete you don’t have a trainer, you have a coach) and this is our first week working together.

Pretty much, she tells me what to do and .. well .. I do it. Simple really 😉

This week is all about “getting in the groove” and “finding my feet”. Yesterday was a 45 minute bike session, well I had only been on my bike once before so I wasn’t even sure how far I could get in 45 minutes so I mapped out a route and apparently I can ride further than I thought in 45 minutes so I kind of ended up doing big loops lol – ahh well I’m sure I will figure this thing out eventually.

This morning was the second run of the week. Thankfully I had an entire night of sleep with only one kidlet wake up because lately I’ve been shattered. Even so I wasn’t exactly enthused to be hitting the pavement (since you all know how much I love to run *sigh*) but it was on my schedule so out I went – I guess that’s what I have Annette for I can’t excuse myself out of the things I don’t want to do.

Thankfully I have someone to keep me company …

Yep .. Eminem “whispers” sweet nothings in my ear 😉

I mean who else would I fly to another country to see perform? Oh and it was TOTALLY worth it!

Scrubs up pretty fine too!

And you know what?

He always seems to say just the right thing when I need him to.  This morning as I was cajooling, threatening and bribing myself to keep running, Eminem said these words in my ear.

And they didn’t!

I actually finished being quite proud of me, this morning I ran the furthest I have ever run in my entire life, granted it was only just over 6k’s and to some that’s a warm up, but for me ..

Giant leap!

Till next time

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