Week one, done and dusted!

Well week one of comp prep, done and dusted!

Trying to get back into the swing of things was actually harder than I anticipated.  Getting up at stupid oclock was something my body was getting used to NOT doing .. and then along came a holiday weekend, so this week is going to be out of kilter (training wise) too.

Oh well …

The good news is that I dropped fat and gained a teeny bit of muscle in the process (yay).   So Im currently sitting at 14% bodyfat and Ive got another 6 kilos of fat to drop off in 10 weeks.  Should be totally attainable!


11 weeks to go .. 67 kgs 14% bodyfat.

So even though this week is a “short week”  hopefully I can keep on top of things enough to drop a few more millimeters.  Im not holding out for a drop in bodyfat percentage level this week as Ive only just scraped into the 14% bracket, but I lost 9 mm’s this week, so you never know!

Till next time

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