Is love a once a year thing?

It’s Valentines Day (or as a friend of mine aptly called it) overpriced plant life and saturated fat day!

I got the coolest gift ever.

A super (and I mean SUPER) strong black coffee ready for me take as I left for the gym at stupid o’clock AND J went out into the rain in his dressing gown to open the gate for me.

But heres the thing – James sets his alarm and wakes up early every single day just so that he can do those 2 things for me, “just because”. At our house we don’t have “one special day” that we set aside to show our friends and family that we love them. That’s our status quo. In fact sometimes I wonder if we use the phrase too flippantly or too often that the words have now lost their value.

The other day as Elias passed me I said “I love you” he stopped and rolled his eyes and replied “I know!” this is what followed;

Me – How do you know?
Elias – Because you tell me ALL THE TIME.
Me – Would you know if I didn’t tell you?
Elias – (without hesitation) Of course!
Me – But how would you know if Mumma doesn’t tell you?
Elias – Because you go out to work so we can have this house and (thrusts his hand out) my telepods.

It’s the simple things people, we do boring things everyday for the people we love, you don’t need to wait for a certain day of the year.  I’d much rather have a cup of coffee waiting for me each morning than an overpriced bunch of flowers once a year, in fact my favorite flowers are the weeds “wild” flowers the kids pick up on their way home. 😉

I’ve also decided that it’s impossible to use the words “I love you” too much so if you happen to be the friend I wake up with the text “I love and miss you, lets catch up!”

I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry.

Till next time




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