Getting those gainz

“Gainz – What you have when you workout and get jacked.”

So the other day I told you about how I went on a run (a slow and far from non stop run, but a forward movement where both of my feet where off the ground at the same time nonetheless).

One of the things that a) got me to turn up and b) kept me moving towards the finishing point was the fact we were all going out for breakfast as soon as I’d finished (well as soon as we had all finished, but I was last so technically we were all going for breakfast once I’d finished).

The plan was to head to Gainz on Princess Wharf for breakfast and as usual I checked the menu online the day before to see if they served something worth running 8k for select my meal. Those of you who know the “real me” know that I settled on pancakes, even if they were of the healthy protein variety – pancakes are pancakes after all ..

Anyway I trotted my little heart out and after FINALLY reaching the end, taking some victory photos and booking an uber we all made our way to Gainz – one problem .. If I wasn’t so knackered from all that running I would have cried!

After dispatching James to find coffee we all sat outside and somewhat impatiently waited till Gainz opened.   Honestly?  It wasn’t worth waiting!  The service was slow, the kitchen was even slower and when the food FINALLY arrived I was at a loss as to how they thought anyone would make any type of gainz on those portion sizes.

I mean, sure I was slightly hangry by the time the food arrived, but all would have been forgiven if the food was worth the wait – but everyone at our table agreed that it was pretty meh and I can tell you it definitely wasn’t worth running 8k’s for!   Maybe the pancakes would have been worth it, but after seeing that they contained 100 grams of carbs and I hadn’t run an entire marathon I went with the eggs benedict instead with the  mushrooms from James’ order.    I will say that the mushrooms were divine and James said the tomatoes were yum, but yeah .. so disappointing.

GAINZ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Anyway I very rarely write reviews on anything other than hotels (because I’m a big user of trip advisor and I find the reviews helpful) but in this instance I even took time out of my day to write on Zomato.

Be warned don’t ever mess with a tired and hungry woman’s breakfast. 😉

Till next time


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