How to make good coffee while camping

Whenever our family went camping, James would miss sleeping in a bed, Isabelle would miss her Poppa and my baby, (Elias) would miss the internet. I on the other hand only really missed one thing – but it was a biggie …. decent coffee!

James would have to make do with an airbed, Isabelle would have to wait till she got home to spend time with her Poppa and my baby (when he drove the rest of us crazy) would be allowed some online time on his Dad’s phone but I got lucky when the Minipresso NS a portable Nespresso maker made it’s way under our Christmas Tree.

Although if I’m completely honest, luck didn’t have anything to do with it, since I put the portable Nespresso under the tree as a gift “for James” after all, it’s not like he wasn’t going to share his Minipresso with me because every man knows that a happy wife = a very happy life, and what more could a bloke want at Christmas time. 😉

The unit itself is compact and extremely portable however in my opinion it’s main drawback is that you still need to have some way of boiling water, so it’s not an item you’d take with you if you were fast/back packing and every gram of weight counted.

It is however so simple to operate that a child (8 and 10)* can use it ..

I will however mention that James finds it much easier to express the coffee than I do – simply because his hands are bigger so it’s easier for him to hold the unit whilst pumping the semi-automatic piston. The children and I have found that we need to hold the unit with two hands to keep it in a stable enough position to get the coffee to express into the supplied cup.

Could I do without one? Absolutely! Would I go camping without it now that I have it?

Not a chance.

For more information on the Minipresso NS please visit the makers website.

Till next time





*once filled with boiling water

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