Do it for the boobies

You know I have a “thing” for boobies ..

I’ve had huge ones, I’ve had baby ones and I’ve even had new ones and now I plan to burpee for other peoples! I guess I have a “big thing” for boobies because you all know how much I hate burpees!

Anyway back to the story, although I did say “NEVER EVER EVER WILL I DO IT AGAIN” next Wednesday a group of hardy souls from Ludus Magnus including myself will turn up at before stupid o’clock on a freezing cold winters morning to complete the burpee mile (although some of the team will be completing the 1/4 or the 1/2 mile).

And some of us will be dressed as a burpee fairy – actually that’s a lie .. I’m pretty sure I am the only one dressing as a fairy, but then again I’m also the only one in the team who has done the burpee mile before so I know those wings will come in handy 😉

If I only I knew back then what I know now … 😉

Anyway the point of this blog post is to ask for you to pity me for

A) Getting up at beyond stupid o’clock
B) Doing hundreds and hundreds of burpees

And the best way to show your pity is to SPONSOR ME and help the women of NZ keep their boobies cancer free and perky – actually I can’t promise that sponsoring me will help keep your boobies perky but DONATE and lets see what happens!

Till next time

PS – You have one more day to complete your 300 plank jumps!

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  1. Niko says:

    BOOBIES! What an awesome motivational thought..Why the hell i didn’t think of that. Even my fitness trainer fail to mention BOOBIES in the gym.

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