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The 2016 Rio Olympics came to a close yesterday and those athletes who are not already here are currently making their way home and tomorrow “we” as in those among us who don’t work or who work for the sponsors (so have been given time off) welcome them home at a public event being held at the Cloud on Auckland’s waterfront tomorrow morning. Don’t ask me why the powers that be have decided to hold the event on a weekday during work/school hours ..

However I digress – as I’m not getting any younger and along with keeping your body active you should keep your brain engaged I’ve been playing various “brain games” one of which is the A to Z of stuff – well not actually stuff, but you get a subject and then try and think of words, from A-Z that relate to that subject without using any other reference materials.

Since the Olympics have been very much in the media recently it made sense that this weeks word would be Olympics, let’s see how this goes …

A – Athens (were it started)
B – Bronze – 9
C – Closing Ceremony
D – Decathlon (which incidentally had someone from the Hogwarts Running Club competing)
E – Eric Murray – looks hard case!
F – Fiji’s first ever medal
G – Gold (we got four)
H – Hurdles
I – Injured (poor SBW)
J – Javelin
K – Kayak
L – Lochte, Ryan – extremely good looking, not very bright ..
M – McD’s – for free apparently ..
N – Nick Willis
O – Ovation
p – Pole Vault – legit the only event I actually watched (bar the stuff I saw on the news)
R – Rhythmic Gymnastics
S – Silver – 5
T – Tokyo (2020)
U – Usain
V – Val
W – Waddell, Rob #swoon
X – X-Ray – surely they must have some for security purposes (and it’s the only X word I could think of)
Y – Yelling
Z – Zero tolerance – for drug cheats.

9 minutes!

I got caught up on X, O and Y .. give it a go, it’s like going to the gym but for your brain (and even better, it’s free). 😉

Till next time





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