Running with a pro

Go Pro that is …

Cascade Kauri, Trail Run

I’ve had a GoPro for years now, I purchased one after completing the Tough Mudder Event in Sydney (mainly because all the “cool kids” had one.) Which would have been great, if I was as adventurous as the cool kids and had stuff to film. 😉

Last year when I started paddleboarding (which is kind of adventurous) I finally had a reason to dust off the gopro and although you can mount the camera on your paddle (or your body), my “go to” is to mount the camera on the front of my board and then forget about it.

Out on the water

Easy with a capital E! (In both the literal and figurative sense).

I’ve found running with a GoPro isn’t quite as simple! Well – no – I guess it could be simple. You could just wear a chest strap or head mount BUT that only works if you want photos of what you can see, eg the scenery (or peoples backs) and if I wanted photos like that, I could just use my phone (because I’m never sans phone).

If I’m going to go to the trouble of carrying another camera I’d prefer to have photos that I wouldn’t be able to get easily just by using my phone – photos of me and whomever I’m with, IN our surroundings (preferably whilst on the move).

Harbour View, Trail Run

I’ve experimented a couple of times now running with the GoPro mounted on a selfie stick. It’s pretty easy to run with, but I do have trouble extending and retracting it quickly without looking – because you know, I’m kind of busy looking for rocks and wayward tree roots.

Unfortunately it won’t fold down small enough to fit in any of the front pockets of my hydration pack so the first time I ran with it, I left it semi extended and slid it into one of the back pockets, which with some practice wasn’t a difficult thing to do whilst still moving, although it might be different if my pack had a full bladder of water (I was out on a short run, so I only carried a small water bottle in the front pocket).

Cascades Kauri, Trail Run

Yesterday I ventured into the Waitakere Ranges and although I planned to stay on one of the more popular tracks (as I was alone) I still just a little weary. Firstly I was alone, secondly there is no cellphone coverage and thirdly well I was alone, in the bush ..

At least this time I’d remembered to tell someone where I was going 😉

Anyway what is a girl to do? … Easy!

Armed and dangerous 😉

Carry a weapon! 😉

I bet it would hurt if I gave you a big whack on the head with that!

Till next time





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