Mighty(ish) Minnie

For the past 3 Saturdays CrossfitHPU have held workshops concentrating on the named WOD’s Fran (Thrusters & Pull ups), Diane (Deadlifts & Handstand Push Ups) and Elizabeth (Cleans & Ring Dips).

Today was the finale event to round out this set of workshops. An in house competition with modified versions of the three named workouts we had covered throughout the month.

When the email went out announcing the wods and timeline the part that caught my eye was;

I’ll have prizes for

1) Best outfit

Best outfit! I’m not one to say no to the chance to work out in fancy dress (it’s a Ludus thing) 😉 In the past all I’ve had to worry about was “can I burpee in this outfit?” but this time around I had to consider pull-ups AND handstand pushups, both movements ruled out my idea of dressing up as a unicorn.

So I settled on “cute” and easy to throw together ..

And before you ask, no I didn’t buy those shoes just to match my Minnie Mouse outfit, I already had those, but they do work a treat to finish off the ensemble, that best dressed prize HAD to be mine .. surely ..

Before we get to that I “guess” we should discuss the wods.  Coach G had put me into the intermediate division (but was classed as a Masters competitor, because I’m old even if I don’t “look it” when I’m dressed like a mouse).  I’m probably somewhere in the middle of intermediate and RX, I’m competent in the body weight movements in the RX division but I would have struggled with the weights on the bar (because I have no technique) so although we had the opportunity to move divisions since I wasn’t going to place regardless I just stayed in the intermediate division.

I didn’t finish Diane (Double Unders, Deadlifts & HSPU),  I can’t double under during normal circumstances so add a puffy tutu to the mix and I was doomed from the 3-2-1.  I felt so sorry for Bev (my judge) because I’m pretty sure it took me a full minute to get my first double, she was getting so frustrated for me.   Once I finally got through the 30 doubles,  I smashed the middle section of the workout and I was pleased to get 13 reps into the buy out.

I must add skipping to the ever growing list of skills I need to work on #sigh however Dianne was still my favorite wod of the day, believe you me Fran and I will never be best buddies!

All in all I really enjoyed the day, probably because being dressed up made it feel more like a fun event than an actual competition (and yes It wasn’t an “actual” competition, but you know what I mean).

However upon reflection I would have preferred to have struggled through RX.  My fav part of crossfit (and to some degree my strength) has always been the body weight stuff so I would have enjoyed “playing” on the rings during Elizabeth, hopefully when I’ve done some strength work I’ll be more comfortable handling the weights required in the big girl division.

Now onto the “important part” best dressed (I had to wait to find out as there was another session on after mine) …

But was it ever really in doubt?

It seems as though units aren’t as into dressing up as Ludians but I figure, if you’re going to throw down, you may as well do it in a tutu!

Big thanks to Nike Britomart for the $50.00 gift card, I’ll see you tomorrow. 😉

Till next time





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