He Man? Superman? Epic Adventure Man!

J turned to me the other day and said “You make me look lame, I need to do something epic”

To which I replied “Whaaaaah?”

You see to me J is epic every single day!

He runs a long way really fast on the bare minimum of training. He has boulder shoulders and the arms of Garth (whomever Garth is) on minimal (if any) training and can eat enough food to feed the ENTIRE population of Africa and still has a six pack.

I mean honestly do you think I would train as much as I do if I could eat enough food to feed Africa and still look good …

The answer to that is no by the way. You may think I like to train like a crazy woman but mostly I just like to eat 😉

So in an attempt for J to make himself feel epic (since I (and most of the people in our circle) already think he is) J created his own epic adventure ..

J would run to Ludus from our place (16ks/10 miles) do a Ludus session and then run home and let me say I would NEVER in a million years do this probably because I highly doubt I am actually physically capable.

I can’t explain this challenge like I usually do because of the obvious fact that I didn’t do it, so I guess a picture book edition will have to suffice ..

Heading from home to Ludus – check out the blue steel look of kick arsedness.

1 hour 15 minutes and 16k’s later J arrived at Ludus.

He got slightly lost trying to find where one bike track finished and the next started.  I did suggest he take this photo with no shirt on in front of the “ab of fame wall” but he declined.

So since he reached Ludus the next obvious step is to do a session …. which was a “Phil special”

This shirtless photo wasn’t a special request – J tends to end up doing all Ludus sessions with no shirt on as do quite a few other men .. I don’t complain 😉

Run 1 = check. Ludus = check.

That made it time to feed the machine, clean the machine then run the machine home.

And that’s when the wheel’s fell off the machine (quite literally), cramp set in about 8k’s, blisters the size of melons made themselves known and J hobbled to Te Atatu (12k’s) before deciding enough was enough, especially since he had a half marathon to do the next weekend.

He was gutted he fell 4k’s short but being the stubborn headed he man he is .. it’s back on the agenda for next month (and I have requested a shirtless photo in front of the “ab wall of fame” next time.

Till next time
(When I will STILL think my husband is epic)

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  1. Donloree says:

    He is TOTALLY epic.

    I want to eat like him. SIGH.

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