Challenge 300 – 210 is not 300

Last Friday I unveiled ”Challenge 300” and the opening event was shuttle runs.

I made a significant dent in my total the following day when I completed 210 with my crazy arse friends but I have yet to do my final 90 to complete this weeks challenge.

However since the next challenge is unveiled tomorrow and I will get to  Ludus at least an hour before the session starts today I WILL do them tonight before class. Anna (of the mental institute prison workout variety) said she would do then with me if she can get out of her death bed (see what I mean by crazy)!

So if Anna can drag her aching body out of her death bed I will be soundly beaten at sprints by a person who can hardly move .. *joy* she does have longer legs though, so she has a head start anyway 😉

On the subject of Challenge 300, Osovale took to it with gutso and the girl was organised! I just count in my head .. this girl gets all techie 😉

She had completed the entire 300 by Sunday afternoon and not far behind her was Clare who had completed 300 by Monday afternoon even Amy who has kids and a million things to do had completed 120 .. at that point I did think I had dropped the ball a little, but then again I did go away for the weekend so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Two other people who enjoyed the long weekend was Robin & Yumi I left a friendly reminder note for them at Ludus ..

And since Robin replied to my note and Yumi posted the photo above on her FB page, I’m guessing they read it so bring on the 300 and don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see what is in store for next week (I really hope its NOT burpees) 😉

Till next time

PS – As I go to “publication” I see that Yumi is currently doing her shuttles!  150 down .. half way there girlfriend!

And look how flash her shuttle venue is – non other than the home  court of the The Northern Mystics!

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  1. Robin says:

    hate to say it but I am REALLY letting the side down.
    I did 30 before Ludas yesterday but I just don’t have the time to crack the rest 1/10th done! I have a much less crazy week next week so will hopefully be able to add them to whatever horrors await us!

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