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What can I say – I love social media!


I probably post the most content on Instagram, so if you are going to follow me anywhere – I’d suggest hooking up on Instagram (and not in the Tinder “way”) it’s as simple as clicking on the Instagram graphic below and being whisked across the web to my Instagram Feed. 😉


I’m new to snapchat but it’s quite addictive! If you are on snapchat then you should definitely add me, because my existing friends (like all three of them) are probably getting sick of me sending them so many snaps. 😉

Disclaimer – I’m so new to snapchat I can’t work out how to link to my snapchat account so you’ll have to be old school and add me to your friends list – my user name is burpeesforlife


Although I tend to spend the most of my “personal” social media time on Facebook I’ll be honest and say I don’t post much blog related content on the Facebook page. I do however link the latest blog posts (and I put the links on the Burpees for Life Facebook page before I add the link to my personal page, so if a) you want to know as soon as it’s posted or b) we aren’t “actual” friends head over to Facebook and give me (or more specifically) the blog a like.

You Tube

Although I was a prolific video uploader (if there is such a thing) during my 100 Days 100 Burpee challenge I now tend to only post videos that are too long for Instagram BUT head over and check it out (and subscribe to my channel so if I ever do decide to do another hair brained challenge, you’ll be the first to know). 😉


Yes –  I have a pinterest account.

However, I must confess I have no idea why I have one (or how to really use it) BUT I have found some nice recipes I’d like to try on there!



Honestly .. don’t bother, I’ve never really worked it out (but the link will work).

Till we meet again (probably at one of the sites listed above). 😉





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