A Walking Motivational Poster

Some people see me as a walking/talking motivational poster –

You know the ones you see on Facebook or Pinterest with some fit looking chick climbing a wall or “stretching” with a slogan such as

“No matter how slow you are going you are lapping everyone on the couch”


“What doesn’t kill you makes you hotter”

But in all honestly ..

There are some days I fight my inner lazy and my inner lazy wins (just like the rest of humanity). Most days I have trouble sitting still, you would think I had A.D.D or something but some days I could quite happily sit on my arse and watch mind numbingly boring TV from when I walk in the door from work until its time to fall into bed. Ahh the simple life 😉

The only down thing is I usually go through this “phase” around about the time I set some audacious goal – you know like the Fit Bitch 100k challenge that started yesterday.

So for the past two days I’ve been bursting with pride each time I see the girls post their mileage on Facebook and I have done absolutely none *sigh*

Tonight I had better beat my inner lazy because it’s a little embarrassing! 😉

So for the Westie among you .. I should be out on the road tonight and dove if you are reading this and I come home and haven’t run yet I give you permission to kick my arse.

Right onwards and upwards ..

The Avengers is FINALLY here ..

Captain America


In my world Chris Evans would just pip Chris Hemsworth – I think Home and Away ruined Chris Hemsworth for me but I know many a girl who is torn between the two so today its a tie.


Till next time

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