Challenge accepted

Since taking up crossfit back in May I’ve been chipping away and crossing off the skills one by one ..

Pistols – Check!
Handstand – Check!
HSPU – Check!
Ring Dips – Check!
Kipping – Check(ish)

Kipping was the skill that seemed to take the longest for me to “get” but I have to admit that when the pressure is on my “go to” is the butterfly which most coaches hate because it’s the least transferable skill you can possess (in other words it’s useless for anything other than getting through pull ups quickly).

You see that’s the thing, I have the ability to do many of the components in a crossfit workout, but on 3-2-1 go all signs of any skills vanish .. I can’t do them *well* at speed.

People seem to think that you “Rise to the Occasion” but in reality that is not what happens. When the pressure is on, the skills necessary to deal with that situation will not suddenly materialize within us. Instead, we will fall back to previously established habits (training).

How do skills become habits? Repetition … lot’s and lot’s of repetition …

BUT lil Miss nearly 6 taught me something yesterday. She asked “Mum can we go to the park now?” and I replied “How about if you can do 10 skips in a row we can go to the park?”

This is her skipping 2 weeks ago ..

Last week she got up to 8 in a row *proud Mummy* but the weather in Auckland has been pretty atrocious this summer so we haven’t been able to spend a lot of time outside “exercising” BUT look what happens when you REALLY want something!

One little person taking on a challenge ..

I obviously was more excited than she was, she had no doubt in her abilities.

Take note from the nearly six year old – If you can believe it, you can achieve it!

Till next time




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