What do burpees and running have in common?

Running & Burpees have three things in common;

1. They’re both “simple” movements that can be done anywhere, by anyone.
2. Both are universally hated by the vast majority of the population

and (most importantly, for this blog post)

3. Both forms of exercise can be done for free.


All three points are obviously positives especially if you live in Auckland where the cost of living is astronomical or perhaps you are the type of person who just can’t fathom spending money on getting fit, leaning up or becoming more supple when you can do it for free.


So it goes without saying, free is awesome and (in my opinion) running and burpees are also awesome BUT I understand that although there are people who run “for fun” there are less people who will bust out burpees own their own accord regardless of how good they are for you.

Obviously I’m not one of those people and there are so many different varieties of burpees, that they’re not an exercise that you could easily tire of (although I do mean tire in the boredom sense, I still very easily get tired when burpees are on the menu). 😉

But never fear people – if you need the added motivation of having other people around you, this blog is for you and the bonus is that these groups/activities are all free.


Free Fit

Free Fit hold one hour sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday that incorporate hills, circuits, stairs, weight and body weight exercises (burpees) in some of Auckland’s premier mountains and parks.

Like the Facebook page so that when they post a notice of where the next session is being held it’ll show up on your timeline.  Then it’s as easy as showing up! Oh and did I mention the best part – it’s FREE!

Park Run

Park Run organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in.

There are currently four venues around Auckland where a Park Run is held each Saturday Morning. Cornwall Park, Western Springs, Millwater & Barry Curtis. All events start at 8am and if you don’t want to run you are more than welcome to walk the entire route and kids are more than welcome. This is one for the entire family!

Adidas Runners Club

This runners club meets every Tuesday at 6pm at Platinum Sports Co. Victoria Park Market, for a social group run led by experienced running instructors.

The courses vary in distances each week (there are usually short and long course options) and new courses are offered every month.

Trail Running Adventures

Not keen on road running?  Then this is the group for you!

Trail Running Adventures are a Facebook group, where EVERYONE is welcome and the group runs are in no way competitive. “Smiles per km” (or photos per km) is the motto and the aim of the group is to get more people out running.

Once you join the closed group (free), you’ll find regular notices for week night group runs (North Shore based) and weekend group runs in various locations around Auckland (and on occasion further afield).

This is an extremely social bunch of runners and they seem to like to celebrating the end of a run in the pub – that part obviously isn’t free.

And if after doing all of that free exercise you’re left a little bit tight, you can even find free Yoga classes at your local Lululemon store every Sunday morning.

Sometimes the best things in life really are free!

Till next time





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