We’re Wanderlusting

Tomorrow we are travelling to Taupo to participate in New Zealand’s inaugural multi day Wanderlust Festival.  Wanderlust.com describe their events as;

“Multi-day festivals set in stunning natural locations, featuring world-renowned yoga instructors, live music, inspiring lectures, outdoor expeditions, organic food, wine, and art.

The choices for how to fill your day are endless: Wake up for an early morning meditation, grab a healthy snack, take a few yoga classes, listen to a thoughtful speaker, hike up the mountain, sample local wines… the list goes on.  And then as the sun sets our main stage concerts are just beginning!”

Last year Auckland held a one day “taster” event, which by all accounts was amazing.  I can’t voice an opinion as I did not attend.  I’m not a fan of large public events and the idea of doing yoga with 1,000 other people crammed in beside me doesn’t really appeal, so even I was surprised that I was one of the first to purchase tickets to this years event.  The fact that Wanderlust is being held in Taupo was a deciding factor.  It’s been years since I’ve visited the area and perhaps more importantly, James has never visited the central North Island so this was an excellent opportunity to share more of this beautiful country with my Englishman.

Initially it was just James and I attending, however when Issy heard about Wanderlust whilst attending a kids event at Urban Ashram she starting asking if she could come.  We finally decided that in lieu of a birthday party this year, she could come to Taupo with us.  Her enthusiasm waned when I explained that we would need to take her brother with us but she relented on the condition that he only talk to her five times per day and he could only talk about things she deemed not to be annoying.   On a positive note maybe she’ll adopt a more yogic view of her sibling after being surrounded by so many yogis.

I had planned on doing the maximum number of events my ticket allowed each day but now that we will have the kidlets in tow I’m paring back my schedule so that I’ll have time to spend with the kids exploring not only the venue but also the surrounding area.  I’ve narrowed my class selections to inversions and/or arm balances – go figure. 😉

Hopefully I’ll be able to log on and update the blog daily so that all the information is fresh but in case I’m too busy enjoying myself (or more likely chasing Elias) follow me on instagram as I’ll be posting photos of our road trip.

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