Week 6 and the star studded weekend

So this is “hump week” .. six weeks down, another six weeks to go .. lets hope its a downward slide and not an uphill climb!

It’s been an action packed weekend in our world. Saturday morning after Ludus (which is my non negotiable Saturday morning activity .. no one comes between me and Ludus on my Saturday) 😉 we took the kids to Kiwi Valley Farm Park. As always, Elias went in guns blazing his little baby hand reaching out for any animal, no matter how big they were, he has (unfortunately) no fear! My Isabelle however preferred to feed the sparrows, apparently they were less daunting, even the baby rabbits were a tad scary for her *bless*


Issy is cautious .. Elias is all go go go!

Saturday night I got to rub shoulders (or should I say deltoids) with the reigning Miss Figure Olympia Erin Stern who came to compete at the NZIFBB Auckland Pro Show. I will go into more depth about the show in tomorrows post and share with you all the great photos I got, but for now here is a little “teaser”

The Top Five at the Auckland Pro Figure Show

Sunday morning James did the Coatesville Classic .. he entered into the 8 k run and finished in 34:54 and came 13th overall!  Obviously this meant I was on kidlet duty but I did manage to get some cardio done.  When James got home we went for our Sunday ritual of picnic in the park .. have no idea what we are going to do when the weather does not allow our weekly picnic, I don’t think Isabelle will be in the slightest bit amused!  While we were there I videoed my pullup progress, I’m getting close to those elusive 11 reps.

Sunday afternoon we palmed the kids off asked Mum to look after the kids and James and I went and saw Limitless, it was OK, Bradley Cooper was nice to look at .. but it ends quite abruptly and the story is a little jumbled.

After the movie .. it was time to eat, organise bags and foods for the week ahead and hit the road again for cardio session number two .. phew .. lucky I’m at work for a rest now!

Oh before I forget .. six weeks looks a little something like this …..

Till next time

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  1. Donloree says:

    Julia! you are leaning out like crazy. Awesome job. I am totally jealous of you and your brush with fame. 😉 Awesome.

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