Tough Mudder Sydney – Tears for fears

“Lean on me when you are not strong”

So far you have read how Team Ludus have run, crawled through mud, chased imposters through the forest and jumped into slimy green ice baths.

I’ve also mentioned the fact that there were tears so lets get this over and done with ..

On the course there were many obstacles that I didn’t think I could complete but I would give a go. 

For example the monkey bars, I knew I had more chance of winning lotto than making it across those bars but the bars were over a pit of muddy water, so I knew I would drop then swim across – simple.

For the record I made it to rung number four before I fell. Only a few of our team members made it across – one being James and none of the girls in our team did (although I am not sure about the “imposters” as they had run past us by that stage)

Anyway I digress ..

There was one obstacle I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to even attempt and that was the tunnels. I had seen photos from previous events like this ..

And the idea of a long tunnel with water just freaked me out. I was bound to be the one who got wedged inside and drowned because you know stuff like that happens to me.

When I arrived at the tunnels they turned out to be a row of trenches dug into a hill which had a wooden “roof” that had been buried again. You could walk over the top of the wee hill and I honestly just thought “Oh heck- just go across” especially as I was at the back of the pack and most of Team Ludus was already inside one of the trenches.

But I manned up and I stopped Jared as he was entering the trench and asked him if he would go behind me because I was scared. He literally talked me through the tunnel even when I stopped in the middle and cried he patiently told me everything would be ok, to keep my eye on the light at the end and to keep going ..

And I did!  Tunnel complete!

Little did I know that this wouldn’t be the last tunnel I’d have to conquer or even the last time that Jared would come to my rescue that day.  It’s a good thing we had a Norse God in Team Ludus.

The second set of tunnels I followed Rashida and had James behind me..  The second set were plastic tunnels and Rashida and I were small enough to be able to crawl through on our hands and knees unlike James who had to commando crawl – easy on the tunnel that went downhill, not so much on the one that went up 😉

Although these were the tunnels I was most afraid of, they weren’t actually too scary when I was in the midst of it .. probably because I stuck so closely to Rashida and the tunnels were quite big and airy.  So I managed to do that set with no tears – pretty cool huh 😉

So two sets of tunnels done and only one set of tears .. go me.  I thought to myself “sweet, I’ve got this from here” … famous last words! …

Till next time

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