Tough Mudder Sydney – Jump

After my mini (well actually major) meltdown on the cargo nets Team Ludus climbed a huge arse hill and entered the forest for yet another run leg.

From the cargo net onwards the course was mostly running, running through forests, running through clearings, running through streams, running through fire, “running” through mud, “running” a circuit of mud while carrying a log, running and jumping over big log hurdles – you get the gist ..

I really should have done some running prior to this event instead of relying on James to tow me …

The way the Tough Mudder course was designed you looped past many obstacles that you would come across later. I had seen “Walk the Plank” a few times in our travels across the course and I kept saying “I can’t wait to get to that”!

Although to be fair I couldn’t wait to get to any kind of water crossing because I would literally sit down in any dirty puddle I came across and have a bath .. yeah I know … classy!

I can’t lie though, it looked like a heap of fun unlike the slog that was the mud mile – none of that section looked fun.

I was right too, it wasn’t even remotely fun. So when FINALLY got to “Walk the Plank” I was quite excited.

They would only let four people on each section at a time so that the structure wouldn’t collapse under the weight and the lifeguards barked that we had to climb up quickly (easier said than done I might add) and jump immediately.

So I clambered up, which incidentally would have been easier if there was a rope or some form of handrail .. but no .. this event is for “tough peeps”

Apparently a few cross boards will do pity they were caked in mud so you couldn’t actually grab onto them ..

James was on my left climbing on the same part of the structure and as usual we were at the back of the pack so most of Team Ludus had already climbed up and run off the edge (nutters). Although the lifeguard did have to yell at a few of them, jumping from a great height seems to be “a thing” that a few of Team Ludus were not keen on doing. The lifeguard even made Anna cry – she should have carried her “imposter” chasing stick and hit him with it.

I got to the top and looked down. Yeah yeah I know, I am officially an idiot! So regardless of what the sign said I did not jump immediately. Heck even the lifeguard yelling at me to jump didn’t get me to move. James stayed by my side and I looked across the water to see Team Ludus cheering me on (I’m sure they were thinking – heck we are leaving her behind next year).

James then turned to me and said “You got this dove”, I held back tears, tried to calm my heart, closed my eyes .. and jumped.

And since I’m writing this blog it’s pretty obvious I survived *phew*

Team Ludus was on the home stretch (thank the lord) between us, the finish line and the elusive orange headband was this …

Everest! The formidable wet, muddy and slippery quarter pipe standing nearly five meters tall.

And then the final obstacle … .

Electroshock Therapy. Where you run through a field of live wires — some carrying as much as 10,000 volts of electric shock and to make it more “fun” you run through a mud pit.

We have totally got this!

Till next time

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