The small stuff matters too

This morning I had a session with Mr P.T.

We are currently in week five of a ten week strength program focusing on deadlifts and squats.  Today was deadlift day.

Usually we warm up with high pulls (which I suck at) but today I gave him the “puppy dog eyes” and asked if we could warm up with 5×5 pullups.

He *obviously* couldn’t resist the puppy dog eyes and complied and I “ran” off towards the chin bar before he changed his mind.

When he asked why I wanted to work on my pull ups I hung my head and blurted out “because I suck at pullups!”

He laughed put his hand on my shoulder and said

“Julz you do not suck at pull ups.  Lots of people tell me how you train like a machine and exclaim she can do strict pullups! – of course I then tell them I taught you everything you know” #typicalboy

In my previous reality I thought I was pretty good at pullups they along with burpees are “my thing” but training at HPU has bought me back down to earth with a thud (I still rock at burpees though) 😉

I watch girls pull themselves effortless up till their chest touches the bar .. Fark!

I can’t pull chest to bar, can’t kip chin because my pull is not strong enough, can’t butterfly – same reason, can’t muscle up because I can’t pull myself up to the bar .. broken record much?

Then I guess God had enough of listening to me kick myself because he put this right in front of my face today

As beautiful Anna would say “true dat comparison deeeeez” (I said she was beautiful – not articulate).

Today I’m gong to stop and revel in what I can do.

I can pull up chin over bar while keeping a hollow (which is more than some girls & guys), I can ring dip AND I even managed to string 10 double unders together on Tuesday morning – that’s my personal best!

I was so excited I text about 5 people straight away ..

I’m going to remember to find joy in the small stuff, because it’s all those little victories that will add up to make an amazing big picture one day!

Till next time

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