Run – just because ..

It’s been awhile since I last wrote a blog post.

Quite simply it’s because I haven’t had anything remotely positive to talk about. I’d been running (as per the plan), but it had been hard work. Not so much the going running, but the actual act of running – or should I say the not stopping part.

Regardless of what I did, I just couldn’t find my groove and quite frankly I was beginning to hate running, there were even a couple of session that actually ended in tears of frustration (or perhaps it was hunger .. ) but regardless of why I was in tears I distinctly remember at the time thinking

“once this stupid half marathon is done, I’m NEVER running again – like ever! – well unless I’m going to get hit by a car or something catastrophic BUT otherwise not ever! (I may have even stomped my feet)”

I had even toyed with just flagging the whole thing BUT I’m too stubborn to be “that girl”, the one that jumps at the easy out – although it does seem kind of stupid to do something you hate just because you said you would, but that will teach me for opening my mouth without thinking these things through more thoroughly. 😉

Thankfully my last couple of runs have left me in a much better mind frame, they haven’t been fast or even unbroken but I’ve felt free. It could have something to do with being fitted for running shoes and so now it literally feels like I’m running on a bed of fluffy clouds (or what I assume fluffly clouds would feel like if you could actually run on them and not – well you know fall through them to your death) ..

Today I even ran – just because I felt like it. I didn’t have too, in fact I probably shouldn’t have as I have a long run to do tomorrow, but I compromised and kept it short finishing up on the trail I like to run along that’s not too far from home.

Sometimes I’m glad I have a big mouth, as I would have given up running a couple of weeks ago and I would have missed out on days like today .. the good ones.

Till next time





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