Quick Catch Up

Well its been awhile, a month overseas is a long time in both the real word and the blog world. I am trying to catch up with all the emails and questions but its going to take some time 🙂

I thought today I would take a good crack at answering some of your queries … I’m going to start off with this one because there are a few of you out in internet land who have asked a similar question, then I will head onto what this blog is really all about ..

Pretty much …

The only comments that do not get published are those that berate me or my blog readers for having an opinion that differs to their own and who hide behind the name “anonymous” .. if you have an opinion be prepared to stand behind it with your name, because in my humble opinion, its cowardly to hide behind a pseudonym.

Not an entire tonne .. but close too it 😉

Actually I didn’t do too badly considering the food choices that I made while I was gallivanting around the globe, especially if you factor in the non existent exercise.

I went from being a size 8 at the beginning of my holiday to a size 10 at the end.  Thankfully a size 10 is my “normal” but I’m a very soft looking 10 so I’m guessing I’ve dropped some muscle as well as gaining some fat.

Oh well … back to business from Monday 🙂

The short answer … YES!

LOL – the first few days back home I spent sleeping and waking up at odd hours to the kidlets who were still in “another time zone” then the working week I was at work from 6am trying to catch up.  Thankfully the time put in has paid off and I am pleased to announce that as of today (Friday) I am up to date and ready to get back into my normal routine.

I’m going to start preparing for the Nationals which are being held at the beginning of October.  The two federations I competed in this year are holding their Nationals a week apart.  The first show (Nabba) is the 1st October and then Nabba/WFF is the following weekend.

The only kink in the plan is that the England vs Scotland rugby world cup match is being held the same night as the Nabba Nationals and I was hoping to take James, but maybe he can watch rugby and I can try and win a plastic trophy. 😉

No .. the plan is to go tomorrow morning .. please pray for me … its going to hurt!!!!!!


Till next time

(unless I die at Ludus, I hope the boys have their first aid certificates)







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  1. Simone says:

    Julia you are so inspirational. Im on my own little journey into strength at the moment and have been watching you, the way you stay positive and are clearly an ace mum too. Keep it up, keep the love and go girl because its women like you who deserve a massive hug.

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