My one word

This year I did away with the tradition of making any New Years resolutions.

Instead of a long list of things I wanted to change or accomplish like I had done every other year (sometimes successfully sometimes not so much so) I picked just “one word” that I wanted to be the theme for my year.

My word for 2013 is




I’ve always lived a very all or nothing kind of existence.

I guess I’m one of life’s specialists. When I competed, I was a competitor, when I ran, I was a runner, when I dieted, I was 100% on point and when I wasn’t dieting I would eat anything and everything that moved. I’d never been able to reside in the middle ground.

2013 was going to be the year I finally changed that and my “one word” has kept me mindful in not allowing any one aspect of my life to overshadow the rest.

I continued to train at Ludus just not all day every day. Instead I practiced yoga, I rode a spin bike, I allowed myself to have guilt free rest days and I set aside time to spend with my family.

Then on the 30th of April I got over my preconceived ideas about Crossfit and signed up to do my induction at Crossfit HPU. It almost seemed like devine intervention to take up a sport that specializes in not specializing in my year of “balance”.

After starting crossfit I had no choice but to spend time doing a multitude of activities and I think I’ve become a more balanced athlete because of it. Sure I still suck at loads of things, but I suck more equally these days.

This year I’ve also managed to find a way to eat that seems to work not only for my body but also for my sanity. I no longer diet, I don’t count calories and I’ve given up eating (and craving) protein bars, protein cookies and other assorted “healthy” processed foods.

99% of the time I now eat real food. Stuff that used to have a face, was produced by something that had a face or that grew in the dirt. It’s a pretty simple way to eat and the 1% affords me the freedom to have an ice cream at the movies, to eat what is provided at a party or should the “need arise” to have two servings of dessert – stress less, live longer.

Although it’s been harder to find “that balance” than I thought it would be, I’m glad that I’d set myself singular word to focus on and I’ve finally been able to accept being ok at a myriad of things instead of excelling in just one.

Now that the year is drawing to a close I’ve begun to start thinking towards the next, what one word will encapsulate the example I want to set for my kidlets? I’ll let you know on the 1st!

In the meantime, why don’t you think about your one word ..

Till next time




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