Day 29 to 30 – Happy Hatha Yoga

Final two days!

Day 29 Hatha Yoga Happiness: Practice Acceptance and Surrender

Day 29 Hatha Yoga Happiness: Practice Acceptance and Surrender. Acceptance doesn’t mean that you have to like a person or situation that you find unacceptable. Surrender simply means deciding to join the winning side. Practicing acceptance and surrender will help you to feel a little happier…trust me!!

I ended up doing this practice after bailing out of Day 28 because although I’m not opposed to a nice relaxing yoga session to finish off a week, Day 28’s practice was WAY TOO relaxing even for me.

This practice was focused on core and shoulders of which mine were still screaming from the long bike ride I’d done the day before. Eg, this was NOT relaxing. 😉

The supported back bend and legs “up the wall” were a nice way to finish though ..

Day 30 Hatha Yoga Happiness: NEVER Give Up!!!!!

Day 30 Hatha Yoga Happiness: NEVER Give Up!!!!! Never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give up on your dream! Don’t deprive the world of your much needed gifts! If you know that you’re meant to do something, do it! Don’t let anything or anyone talk you out of it, okay?

This particular practice starts with a supported upper back opening (one of my favorite supported postures) and apart from camel pose there was nothing I particularly did not enjoy today. That being said completing the final practice of the 30 day challenge was something that made me more happy than sad. Not that I haven’t enjoyed doing the 30 day practice but HAVING to do something, makes anything seem less fun than it probably could be.

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