Crossfit Open 14.2 Announced

Who stays late at work on a Friday afternoon?

Me ..

“Patiently” waiting for the announcement of 14.2 (along with hundreds of thousands of other crossfit athletes around the globe) although it seems there are certain athletes *cough cough James* who didn’t even know the announcement was happening. 😉

So I waited, and waited then the live feed started.  I waited *getting more excited by the minute* as the athletes doing the head to head demonstration were introduced(on a side note to my friend who thinks Camille is fat, you are an egg)

then FINALLY Dave Castro was ready to make the announcement. My heart literally started pounding!

Dave Castro – 14.2 is;
Me – Yes???
Dave Castro – 10 Overhead Squats at 65 pounds
Me – Fuck *coverts 65lbs* Fuck!
Dave Castro – And ..
Me – Just spit it out .. can’t get any worse
Dave Castro – 10 chest to bar pull ups, you have 3 minutes to complete 2 rounds, do that to move on
Me – *has mini tantrum, turns off computer, exit stage via front door*

Honestly? I looked a lot like this ..

But with less sweat and more clothing ..

All week I’ve been telling myself, don’t worry it can’t get any worse than 14.1.  Sure you will have to do wall balls at some stage (the bain of my existence) but at least you can do those.  This week will be better .. (dam you Murphy!)  If there is one movement I am less proficient at than double unders it would be overhead squats.   I will admit I’m even less proficient at muscle ups (but those are usually programmed as the last movement in a work out, I had consoled myself that at least I’d be able to start whatever WOD they put the muscle ups into.  But starting with overhead squats? ..

Quite frankly, I’m fucked.

As I drove home I could hear Joe inside my head saying “You’re stronger now Julz” and I’m really trying to remember that fact because he’s right, I am.  I’ve been diligent with my strength program and it was only a couple of days ago I was running around happily telling everyone how I increased my squat 1RM by 20 kgs in a four week period!

I’ve got this .. right? 

Till next time



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