Boulder Shoulders

It’s Friday which marked my final morning session of Ludus for the week.  Because tomorrow its duathlon number two time!  (And no, I haven’t trained for this one either) 😉

So last night after training chest I headed up to reception and started chatting to the Manager of the gym May.  She told me about the side lateral hold contest they held the night before and that I should have done it.  Well unfortunately the contest was being held when my kids eat hence the reason I was a no show.

Anyway .. she said, “do you want to try and beat the winning time?”   Well what do you think?! …

Never one to turn down a challenge!

So I took off my sweatshirt, grabbed the dumbells, stood in the middle of the foyer under the clock and went about my “business” and the outcome?




Can anyone say winner? 😉


Yes .. that would be my name on top!  The thing I was most annoyed at .. I didn’t know I was so close to the 2 minute mark .. argh .. I so could have screamed for another 5 seconds to get to 2 minutes!   Oh well a win is a win and I will take the cute pink gym tank top they gave me as a prize. 🙂

So as mentioned earlier its duathlon day tomorrow .. so as Arnie said so eloquently .. I shall be back! (Tomorrow to tell you all about it.)

Till then

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    5 Responses

    1. Becks says:

      Congrats, how much did you have to hold?

    2. feminine fitness says:

      Those are only 3kgs 🙂

    3. Tracy H says:

      wow! check out the triceps!

    4. Of course you won! Awesome! And good luck with the duathlon.

    5. michelle says:

      And yet another “win”!!! Duathalon and this too! What a productive week for thee! 🙂

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