Shit I wear when I wog

*wog* a combination of walking and jogging – how cute is that!

But I digress (yep even before I’ve started) …

The other day I wrote a post about where I get my long socks from which then led to queries on what I’m wearing and where it came from – so I guess if you aren’t interested in shit I wear when I wog (and where to get your own wogging outfit), then I’ll see you tomorrow when I’ll try and write about something more riveting. 😉

After one disastrous afternoon run, I took on the advice to only wear (tried and true) comfortable shit when wogging.  Wogging is annoying enough without having to constantly pull up your pants, replace your shoulder straps or tug at your socks, therefore I’ve developed something of a wogging uniform (or at least two variations of it).

Outfit One:  Wog Swiftly

Headband – home made (my tutorial here)

Top – All Sports Bra & Run Swiftly Racerback, both from Lululemon

Belt – Spi belt

Watch – Garmin Forerunner 620

Shorts – Run Time Shorts from Lululemon

Socks – From sockdreams

*Note* I always wear Thorlo running socks underneath my long socks as although the long socks are cute, they are thin (so my foot moves around in my shoe) and they don’t provide any cushioning.

Shoes – Nike Pegasus

Outfit Two:  Cool Wogger

The only difference between this outfit and the last is that I’m wearing  a cap instead of a headband AND I have a longer length tank.

Cap – I tend to wear a cap when it rains, to keep the rain out of my eyes.  I buy Nike Golf caps as I don’t like the cut of the running specific caps.

Top – All sports bra (as listed above) and Cool Racerback tank from Lululemon

As you can see I prefer fitted, sleeveless tops as I find that they stay put even when they’re wet.  But if it’s REALLY cold and wet or I’m having a rare “fat day” I’ll wear a dri-fit running top even though I find that I want to rip the thing off after about 100m as I find it annoying to have anything that close to my neck.

I try to remember that fact if I’m just having an OMG I’m so fat I can’t possibly show these batwings in public day as I end up “running mad” scolding myself for being so stupid (whist tugging the shirt away from my neck) LOLOL – oh I also don’t always wear long socks in the summer as I don’t want weird tan lines. 😉

PS – I wasn’t having a fat day when I wore that top – I just wanted to make sure the parkrun photographer noticed me! PPS – It worked!

Till next time





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