Puhoi Track – Wenderholm Regional Park

Open pasture lends itself to views over the Puhoi River. From the lookout platform; take in the Waiwera Valley. This track links with the Couldrey and Perimeter tracks. Follow the dark blue markers. Walking Track .8km.(Source)

Puhoi Track (shown in blue)

Without a doubt, all of the trails in the Wenderholm Regional Park have great viewing points, however in my opinion Puhoi Track has the best.

All good views involve ascending some kind of hill and this case is no exception. You can reach the viewing points (of which there are three official ones in total although only two afford an actual view – but more on that later) by ascending the Couldry House Look Out track or from walking to the top of Puhoi Track from the Perimeter Track.

good portion of the Puhoi Track is open pasture, so you’d be more sheltered from the elements if you ascend the Couldry House Look Out track to reach Puhoi Track.   The first look out “platform” (in this case a seat looking over the Wenderholm with the Puhoi River below you) is a very short distance from Cauldrey House Track. The second viewing area is further down the hill and is two seats looking of Waiwera and the third is a wooden structure even further down the hill, which perhaps once afforded a lovely view but is now tucked in behind tall trees. It is a nice shady place to take a rest though. 😉

Just past this last “viewing platform” the trail heads back into the forest and winds it’s way down to meet the Perimeter Track.

The other stuff;

Location – 37 Schischka Road, Waiwera (48km from the CBD)

Directions – Take the Orewa/Waiwera exit (394) from the Northern Motorway (SH1), just before the toll motorway commences. Drive north along the old state highway and enter the park on the right, just north of Waiwera.

Parking? – Yes – plenty.

Facilities? – Yes, the closest would be at near where the Couldrey House Track heads up the hill.

Kid Friendly? – Yes, although it’s quite steep in places.

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