Now thats my kind of WOD

I knew it was going to be hard work to haul my arse up at stupid o’clock this morning.

I’d been up WAY past my bedtime on Saturday night as I was one of the judges at the CrossfitHPU Playoff’s. I went home sans voice and crawled into bed at about 1am only to be woken up before dawn by a certain 4 year old.

It’s lucky he’s cute, that’s all I can say on the matter ..

I will tell you all about my thoughts on the play offs tomorrow, but I will say that although I’ve only been to two competitions (as a spectator) and 3 actual boxes I’ve got to say I’m very privileged to belong to CrossfitHPU our facilities are second to none.

Anyway this morning after sleeping through 2 rounds of my alarm I check the WOD and “thankfully” it was entirely strength. Just my kind of WOD, small numbers and I get to keep my feet on the ground the entire time. 😉

I decided to do the 7am class so that I could get outside for a walk and wake myself up and get in some mobility before lifting heavy things and putting them back down again.

Out on my walk I was trying to think of the total that I’d aim for, I knew that my overhead squat would be an insignificant amount and I’m still hesitant on the deadlift because of my lower back injury so it wasn’t going to be anywhere near my usual 1RM so I’d have to make up the numbers on my bench press.

Going on my current 1RM estimates I was aiming for a total of 170 (I did not know at the time 200-250 is “good” (and just good, not “GOOD”) for a female). To reach 170 I was aiming for a bench of 60 (pb), a “protect my back” conservative deadlift of 80 and an overhead squat of 30 (which would be touch and go).

We had 6-7 minutes on each exercise to complete some 5’s, 3’s and then a few working sets of 1’s

I started on the bench because I was going for a pb, when I got to the 1’s I asked Coach to spot me, 57.5 (easy), 60 (easy PB) so Coach throws on another 5kg.  I frowned but got under the bar asking “You’ll keep your hands under the bar right?” He replied “I got your back Julz” so I took a breath, braced and lifted.

65kg PB! Coach also said I had more in me, so all in all, not a bad way to start the day.

I moved onto the deadlift and lifted 95 on my first single, but then ran out of time. I considered staying on and doing the other 2 singles to get my total up as my overhead squat wasn’t going to be a number puller (strategy is a crossfit thing right?). I thought if I could just get another 10 kgs on the deadlift I may just be able to scrape in at 200 and be “good”.

Alas, I also like to follow the rules, suffice I say I didn’t make 200.

BUT I can officially bench my body weight!

Now .. if only I could squat it ..

Till next time



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