It’s my runiversary

As I was scrolling through my “on this day” memories on FB the other day I was quite shocked to see that I went for “that run” one year ago ..

“That run?” you ask?

The one that started it – this running thing ..

I’d always planned on running the exact same course again on the anniversary date of “that run” (my runiversary) to see how much I’d improved over the course of a year but honestly even though I now actually consider myself a runner (in that it’s an activity I do regularly) I can’t think of anything more mind (and knee) numbing than trudging 8.4km along a concrete footpath regardless of how pretty Auckland’s waterfront is.

So yeah, there won’t be any anniversary running celebrations along the pristine water front of Auckland going on. It’s much more likely to be a mud run through the Waitakere Ranges!

You see quite a lot has changed in the past year ..

Road Runner Trail Runner
Hated running Hate running on the road
Ran before work Run after work
Hated the rain & getting wet feet Bring on the water crossings!
Couldn’t run without music Won’t run with music (safety first)
Followed a program Winging it
Ran with my phone Carry everything bar the kitchen sink!

Some things however never change, for eg – I still have a thing for running shoes and the best part about being a trail runner is that I now have a legitimate excuse to have more than one pair of running shoes, as different trails require different shoes – honest …(well unless you’re James – he can run make running through ankle deep mud in road shoes look easy).

It will be interesting to see what the upcoming year holds – will I still be running in a year from now? Who knows .. for now it makes my heart happy and it’s something that James and I can do together which also makes my heart happy especially when he pulls me up the hills. 😉

Till next time





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