Clark Bush Track – Arataki Visitor Centre (Closed due to Kauri Die Back)

Tramping Track – Clark Bush Track skirts around the headwaters of a small stream, passing several large kauri. There are three entrances; from Manuka Road (50m from Woodlands Park Road junction), Tainui Road (opposite Ngaio Road) where the track descends steeply on steps to ‘Bishop’ Kauri, and the blind end of Tainui Road. Level sections of track exist across the top of the reserve and from the end of Tainui Road. Steep, muddy sections occur between these levels and leading down to and across the stream. 1.8km. (Source).

I decided to run Clark Bush Track when I realised that once I’d crossed it off the list (so to speak) that I’d only have the 300m length of the Parker Track standing between me and the completion of every single trail in the Arataki Visitor Centre catchment.

Granted, it’s one of the smaller trail networks but still ..

Stating it was a spur of the moment decision goes to somewhat explain my confusion as I ran (or more accurately slid) my way round the trail. You see I’d somehow confused the Clark Bush Track that I was attempting to run along with the Sharp Bush Track (a family friendly walk). As I pulled my way up yet another steep sodden clay bank I was left wondering “Who rates these trails? Are their kids survivalists?” I did wonder whether in fact I was overly protective of my children if this is what a family friendly walk looks like … 😉

But, that was my bad. I humbly apologise to all the ARC Park Rangers (or whomever rates the trails) for my bad thoughts.

So after that introduction it kind of goes without saying that the Clark Bush Track is without a doubt a tramping track (especially in winter or when it’s been raining heavily) but the section shown in yellow has more stairs so there is much less scrambling up and down banks than throughout the entire section shown in pink.

The positives ..

Well – ummm – there are some nice Kauri Trees AND cellphone coverage.

The not so positives …

Parking is shite – I parked at the Watercare car park on Exhibition drive and ran down (it’s only about 300m).

To be fair, it is a tramping track and if you were tramping I guess this would be awesome yet extremely short tramp. In saying that I imagine it’s the perfect track to take kids who want to go tramping when you’re not that into tramping because you’d get it over and done with relatively quickly. 😉

In saying that – this is the only track where I’ve opted to return to my car via the road – you know the roads that cars go on, those things I hate (roads that is, not cars) .. if that doesn’t sum up how unrunnable it is I’m not sure what does.

The other stuff;

Location – Just before 12 Manuka Road, Titirangi
Parking – Not really, I suggest parking at Exhibition Drive and running down the hill.
Toilets – No.
Kid Friendly – The section in yellow is relatively older kid friendly.

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