Zig Zag Track – Huia Regional Park

Walking Track – From the parking area on Park Road, this gravel track descends the valley to Titirangi Beach Road. 1.2km. (Source).

I’d say that Zig Zag Track has been named for the tight switchbacks on the first 70m of the trail. These switchbacks aid your descent on the steepest section of the trail and finish at the curved staircase which continues down the hill to reach a wee bridge. When you reach the bridge, look to your right and you’ll see a waterfall – it wasn’t too noticeable when I went (I completely missed on the way down) but I’d say it’s more impressive after a decent dumping of rain.

From the bridge the track comes out of the stream and then descends easily all the way to it’s end point on Titirangi Beach Road. I will mention that it ends further away from the beach front that I thought it would. You have approximately 300m of road running (with no footpath and barely any verge to run along).


Looks much like the Beveridge Track (and I guess since it’s only a stones throw away that would make sense). It’s not long enough to make it somewhere you’d go for a run but it would be a great little track to do hill repeats on especially since the car park is right at the track entrance. It’s also conveniently located to the Titirangi Coffee shops. 😉

The other stuff;

Location: Park Road, Titirangi (car park is signposted Atkinson Park and is opposite 81 Park Road) or opposite 84 Titirangi Beach Road (very small unmarked car parking bay is slightly further down the hill than the track entrance).

Toilets: No, there are some in Titirangi shopping area or you can find some at Titirangi Beach.

Kid Friendly: Yep, although I wouldn’t want mine walking along Titirangi Beach Road.

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