Parker Track, Arataki Visitor Centre

Walking Track – From the bend on the Identification Loop of the Arataki Nature Trail, the Parker Track goes down a gentle grade to the end of Parker Road, 300m.  (Source).

At 300m surely this has the shortest trail in the network (or if it’s not, it has to be pretty close).

In short (because it quite literally is), this is a gravel pathway that leads from the Arataki Nature Trail to the end of Parker Road. I’m not even sure why this track exists, perhaps it’s been designed to get the residents of Parker Road across Scenic Drive to the Arataki Visitor Centre safely?

Who knows .. the coffee guy isn’t even there full time so I can’t see why they’d petition to get their own trail, although in saying that the ice cream shop is so perhaps … 😉

Anyway, what I do know for sure is that from the Visitor Centre side it’s a descent all the way to Parker Road and therefore an ascent back to the Visitor Centre, although it wasn’t so steep that I couldn’t run the entire length (which is saying something because I’m pretty shit at running up hills).

Another thing I know is that I have now run every single trail in the Arataki Visitor Centre catchment!

The other stuff;

Location – Arataki Visitor Centre, Scenic Drive, Titirangi.
Parking – Yes
Toilets – Yes
Kid Friendly – Yes (but I wouldn’t bother – just stick to the Nature Trail).

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